An all-virtual meeting this year

Due to the COVID-19 virus that is preventing so many people from traveling, the JCDL 2020 conference will be all-virtual this year–and so will the Curative Power of Medical Data workshop. You will be able to present your paper remotely, and the proceedings will be published as they always are.

COVID-19 Track at TREC 2020

Misinformation about medical topics can be fatal, and in time of pandemic, it is a hazard to more people than just its consumers. TREC 2020 will have a track on this problem.

The CORD-19 datasets for NLP and AI research on Covid-19

The US National Library of Medicine, the White House Office of Science Policy, and the Allen Artificial Intelligence Institute have issued a number of datasets for research in natural language processing and in artificial intelligence. They are freely accessible at this web site.

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